Humzy’s prayers for his realers. 

Hi everyone 

Am humzy and today am praying for every nigga in d hood. 

I pray that God listens

Humzy * Rick Ross 


prayers for ma niqqas
lord forgive we niqqas illicit huzzle nd buckle,some of us do have possession of a federal offence, just forgive us for all we have done. 

Deliver us from dis damn snowrun

Help out d gang banger homies of mine 

Lord though we re street made dudes still show motherfuckers dat we ain’t bitches 

lord u re our light nd salvation(straight up)

lord we re u realers and lord u know whatsup

therefore lord Jesus u re welcome to our hood

hope u welcome us to ur hood also $but dat is when we re done in dis shitty universe$

show us d light lord so dat we fuck boys forget about those damn holes
we need more of u lord not anymore weed
we hope u welcome us virgins with 7 virgins when we arrive in ur heavenly paradise
lord show us blacks dat we re better than those white bitches who discriminates from us
Make us hot nd handsome so dat even if virgin mary snubs us we ain’t gonna feel it
lord i also pray dat Humzy who wrote dus prayers shall c favour in your eyes nd in dat of all men
Lord of all we niqqas ask d most is money we need dis 

at least every girl feels a gee dat comes to church in a new buggati nd gives a thousand dollars as offering
lord we pray dat our baes wont be pussies any more but cats


lord we wanna be with u at last

lord make our folks proud of us
Nd all d oldies in my hood give dem a sense of hope
For more dope prayers contact me @






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