Criticism:A very common trait amongst Humans. 

I must confess that i ve criticized someone many times especially my president. 

But i recently got to realize that it doesn’t matter if someone is doing good or bad, or if he or she is cute or if d person is generous or not,u must bear in mind that u have haters. 

No matter what u do to please people, no matter what u sacrifice to help people out, u must encounter  a very huge amount of people who doesn’t like what u re doing. 

People do criticize because of

  1. Jealousy 
  2. Hate
  3. Boredom 
  4. Blame
  5. Religion (u may be doing what someone doesn’t believe in)
  6. Sense of view. The way u see things may not actually be the way others see it
  7. Grade of maturity. An igbo addage says ;what an adult sees while sitting  a kid may not see it even if he climbs an iroko tree

Someone may simply not like your personality or the way u dress or your manner of speech so he or she can’t help but keep gossiping about you,backbiting and so many other things. 

My dear reader today

Dont criticize what u cant understand. 

We all have to grow in peace and harmony

Let us avoid discrimination and be friends to one another



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